Choosing the right products to set the base for your face makeup can be the most confusing steps in your makeup journey. 


With so many brands coming up with different variations of foundations, BB and CC creams, it's essential for you to find out what best suits you.


Here's your beauty guide!




With so many different formulas created from makeup brands, you can find foundation that ranges from sheer to full coverage depending whether you need to even out your skin tone or cover up that acne that pop the night before. It has the most shade ranges out of all base products and allow you to choose from matte, dewy or satin finishes.

BB Cream:
Well known as Blemish Balm, BB Cream is used to even out skin tone and correcting blemishes which offers sheer to medium coverage . It usually has 2-4 shades, and the light reflecting compoments give your face a dewy finish.

​CC Cream:

Also known as Colour Correcting cream, CC Cream is used to enhance skin tone and even out blotchiness, redness and pigmentation. The formula is the lighest out of the 3 base products, offering just a sheer coverage, which you may consider using it as a primer before your foundation. It usually has 2-4 shades, and gives a matte to satin finish.





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